Ross Hagan


Hey there, this is that uncomfortable bit where I have to write some things about myself... so let's get this done and I hope it's not going to come off too egotistical but, hey... you visited this page.

I've filled some combination of the Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Experience Designer, or Project Manager role for over 20 years.

Things I try to contribute to the world:

I'm happiest working with great people on things that have a positive impact on the world. The best is an intersectional mix of folks that bring fresh perspectives, and in turn better technology, into the world!

I've worked across a wide variety of tech stacks, tools, processes and it's always about the right tool for the job. Evaluate choices against needed or expected characteristics and make the best choice you can at the time not based on past bias.

Domain Driven Design, Service Design, Software Architecture and Developer Experience all spark joy!

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Random facts

A selection of the things I've done and care about! This is as close to 'bragging' as I come... sorry.

Technologist that loves making things that help people
Alum of the Stonewall UK LGBT Leadership Programme
Trained as a Mental Health First Aider
Studied for a year at Osaka University
Ran a medical centre with focus on IT and data governance
Wrote one of the first online repeat prescribing systems in the U.K.
Polyglot in both natural and programming languages
Talk to me in English, Japanese, Spanish, or French.
Lover of Service Design, Domain Driven Design, Evolutionary Architecture, and Developer Experience
Graduated top of my class in Japanese Studies, with distinction in spoken Japanese
Studied sociology and medical anthropology of mental illness in Japan