Ross Hagan


Service design, the natural ally to domain driven design and architecture

The Experience Designer is an even stronger ally than you might think in shaping a system

Observability of a Next.js app using OpenTelemetry

Getting started with OpenTelemetry in a Next.js app

Community Focused Cultivation - Defining actions

How to define a personal development roadmap. Grab your Post-It notes or Miro board and start breaking down some goals and actions!

Getting set up with Fauna,, Auth0, and Cloudflare Workers

Getting to a quick starting point for using Auth0, FaunaDB, on a Cloudflare Worker deployment

How to add Honeycomb to a app on Cloudflare Workers

Those are some lovely honeycomb spans you've got there... be a shame if something happened to them.

Weekend with Doom Emacs as a Clojure IDE

False beginner's guide to getting started with doom emacs and clojure

Questioning "Junior" Engineering Titles

Taking a dive into the junior title, privilege, and starting out as a new engineer

Community Focused Cultivation

Help others reach their goals in order to reach your own. Introducing what community focused cultivation is and how it supports you and others on their journey.

Hello World

Hello World! The traditional greeting to all when we set up a new program. We might see this as a little reminder to ourselves that we are serving a community when we code.